MDGs in Georgia

As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration of September 2000, Georgia is committed to defining and fulfilling the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that address specific Georgian needs. For each of the eight MDGs there are a number of national targets adjusted for Georgia.

The MDGs are important for Georgia because improvement in socio-economic indicators regarding eight MDG target areas improves the general well-being of Georgia’s population. Properly assessing and alleviating the state of poverty in Georgia, improving employability and labour standards, and decreasing vulnerability of various social groups are goals common to both the MDGs and the UNDP's Economic Development Programme.

UNDP is convinced that the MDGs and the Millennium Declaration are among the strongest comprehensive tools for collective efforts towards improving people’s lives. For Georgia they are particularly relevant as helping keep the country focused on human development. The MDGs also create a framework for result-based management within the government and provide a platform for effective coordination and dialogue among international and national development actors.

Georgia produced its first Millennium Development Goals Report in 2004, followed by an MDG Progress Report in 2005. A national MDG strategy has yet to be developed.  

In 2007, UNDP assisted the City Council of Tbilisi in drafting a Tbilisi MDG report and has recently been asked to support the monitoring efforts to measure progress to date.  

In June 2008, UNDP launched the National Human Development Report, which analyzes the main reforms undertaken during the past four years from the human development perspective. It also provides specific policy recommendations for optimizing the inclusiveness of economic growth and improving the efficiency of social services.

In 2010, the MDG Coordination Group was launched at the Parliament of Georgia to coordinate the achievement of the national Millennium Development Goals. With assistance from UNDP, the UN agencies in Georgia and in cooperation with the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, the Parliament of Georgia published a practical guide to establish the mechanisms of parliamentary engagement with the MDGs.

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