Project Details

01-01-2009 / 30-09-2013
Total Budget:
USD 5,050,982.26. Spent by Dec 2011: USD 3,291,006.74
Specific area:
  • Public administration reform and anti-corruption
Georgraphic Focus:
  • Regional
  • European Union (EU)
  • International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
Project Address:
54 Abashidze Street
Postal Code:
Contact person:
Richard Martinez
Deputy Regional Coordinator
Contact person in UNDP:
Natia Cherkezishvili
Democratic Governance Programme Analyst

South Caucasus Integrated Border Management (SCIBM)


The South Caucasus Integrated Border Management (SCIBM) is a regional programme, which aims to support the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the introduction and implementation of the Integrated Border Management strategy.

With the SCIBM programme, UNDP is providing support to the implementation of the ongoing reforms in the area of border management, and complements to the efforts of the local governments.  

Georgia has made notable progress since 2005 with reforming its border management agencies. It has endorsed the Border Management Strategy and its Implementation Plan. Important steps have been taken in terms of document control, customs inspection, and the improvement of legal basis, infrastructure and working conditions of the personnel. Nevertheless, there are still a number of challenges that require immediate response.

The South Caucasus Integrated Border Management project envisages five modules each aiming to achieve concrete and tangible results:

  1. Raising IBM Awareness & Supporting Strategic Border Management Capacity
  2. SCIBM Planning and Strengthening of Operational Techniques
  3. Training and Pilot Programmes Development
  4. Equipment and IT Systems
  5. SCIBM Implementation - Establishment of Pilot Border Crossing Points

The Integrated Border Management concept is one of the most effective mechanisms to maintain open but secure borders. This concept proved successful in the EU member states.

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